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Food Trends Defined

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Whether you are a foodie or a take-out kind of lady, we have simple recipes that fit all kinds of lifestyles. From gourmet recipes sure to wow friends and family to diet-specific like keto, paleo, or vegan, we have recipes and ideas from our contributors that will satisfy any craving. 


Food trends can be difficult to sort through, so we’re here to help. Our tips, ideas, and recipes are tried and true, from us to you. We simply love empowering women everywhere to make and eat delicious, healthy, easy to make food. Here are some of our best tips for delicious categories!


When cooking gourmet food, don’t let the title scare you. While it sounds fancy and over the top, gourmet really comes down to high-quality ingredients and presentation. Start by looking for products that have a short ingredient list of things you can pronounce. These items are usually less processed and more high-quality making for tastier more gourmet food. 


When it comes to Keto diets, fat is the word. Including butter and oil might be easy, but don’t forget that leafy greens and veggies are essential to maintaining a healthy keto diet. Low-carb vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, collard greens, zucchini, and cauliflower are all important additions to ensure essential vitamins and minerals are included in keeping you and your family healthy. 


The Paleo diet excludes processed food, which is a great thing, but make sure you don’t go crazy by making yummy treats like chocolate avocado pudding. This will help keep you on track without feeling deprived. 


Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe


choclate avacado pudding



  • 3 tbs. Cocoa powder
  • 1 medium ripe avocado
  • 3 tbs. of maple syrup or sweetener


Simply mash all ingredients together or blend with an immersion blender and voila, creamy delicious pudding!



The vegan diet is one of the healthiest on the planet, but the stigma surrounding veganism is alive and well. If you are interested in starting a vegan diet but feel overwhelmed by the pressure to be perfect, don’t worry. When it comes to veganism, every little bit helps. If the only thing stopping you from venturing into veganism is your love of bacon or cheese pizza, go vegan except for those items. Your diet will be far healthier than before and you don’t have to give up your vices. 


It’s tough navigating all the different types of diets and preferences of ourselves, our friends, and our families, but with our hot tips, it can be a little easier. 


From our kitchen to yours, we can’t wait to share all the yummy things we love to eat. 


Food Trends Defined

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