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Food Faves for Winter

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Nothing says winter like a warm oven and delicious smells wafting through the hallways. There something about eating a warm meal that makes a house feel like a home, especially in the wintertime. Perhaps it reminds us of a simpler time or maybe it’s the anticipation of delight, either way, winter bakes are the best. Whether you enjoy baking or cooking, here are some winter food favs that will brighten your kitchen and roll in the nostalgia. 



For a hearty healthy option for any cold winter day, whip up an easy soup with whatever you might have on hand. Vegetables, lentils, noodles, and even cream can turn any chilly evening into warmth and happiness. 



Another warm and robust winter recipe, casseroles or “hot dish” are a staple of American cuisine. Choose from easy delicious recipes like King Ranch Casserole, Spaghetti Pie, and Black Bean Enchilada Bake. An easy way to warm up your home and your belly.



Pair your main dishes with a fresh-baked loaf of bread. Whether you have a bread maker or you are feeding a sour-dough starter, bread can be as simple or as complex as you like. Nothing beats the smell of bread baking on a cold winter day.


Roasted Vegetables and Protein

You can’t go wrong with simple roasted vegetables. Roast in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme for a hearty flavor. Add the protein of your choice and you have a perfect well-rounded winter meal. 


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now we’re getting somewhere. Baking a warm dessert never gets old, but something about winter increases the comfort of the humble chocolate chip cookie. 


Cinnamon Rolls

Warm up the morning with cinnamon rolls. Prepare the night before for the best rise and the most googly delicious breakfast known to man. 


Winter food is undoubtedly the purest and wholesome of all culinary ambitions. Try a few of these ideas out this winter to warm your heart and your home. 


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Food Faves for Winter

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